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Forum Rules

Post  AppleDude on Sat Dec 24, 2011 8:09 pm

Dear Members,

To keep this Forum under control we have some Rules like every other Forum.
When every one follow this, and is active on the Forum we have nothing to worry about.
This are the Rules:

1. Do not spam (Posting small useless posts on every topic, Trying to boost post count).
2. Do not flame out on someone, Try to maintain good relations.
3. Do not use any dirty words of any language in your username.
4. Do not post any form of malware or spyware, or any illegal content.
5. No multiple accounts.
6. Do not bump your own threads to the front for no reason because you want people read that topic.
7. Do not post any personal information about other members or yourself. This includes phone numbers, IP addresses, etc.
8. No racist or degrading content.
9. Try to use understandable grammar, talk English and use a proper format (no CapsLock abuse, for example).
10. No discussions of fraud or any black activities.
11. No off-topic posting that completely deviates from the topic or discussion.
12. No bashing or beating down on peoples thread. Bashing and stating your opinion are very different.
13. Always search the forum before you ask a question just to be sure it has not been answered before.

Any Questions? Just ask by PM!


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